The Jade Letters

For four years, six friends of mine and I gathered up on every other Saturday and played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I wrote The Jade Letters as a log of the events of each gaming session; it was a good way to help everyone get back in synch with what happened the last time we played.

You don't have to be a role-playing gamer to enjoy these. It's not a bunch of game mechanics; the logs concentrate on the story, since that's the important part of playing these games. Think of the game as getting the chance to control your own characters in a book: this is the novel my friends and I created.

The writing is my own, but the credit for the characters and the stories are shared with:

The Gaming Group
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To give the background leading up to the beginning of the letters, Jade is a woman who begins the stories at about 20 years of age. She's not sure what her true age is; as she understands it, she was born to a gypsy family, and then sold at a young age as a servant to a man named Garen. Garen is a great priest of Mielikki, the forest goddess, and has brought up Jade not only as his housemaid, but also as a ranger of the forest. When the first letter is written, Garen has gone missing for some time now, and so Jade has begun to write as a way of reporting all that has happened for the time she's sure she'll see Garen again.

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3 March, 1995Jade meets some newcomers.
18 March, 1995The party forms.
1 April, 1995Adventuring's not all fun and games.
29 April, 1995A woman is rescued.
27 May, 1995The group gets a lesson in humility.
24 June, 1995A visit to the big city.
8 July, 1995City life: training and... romance?
21 July, 1995The party hires itself to a magician.
5 August, 1995The hunt for a cursed book.
2 September, 1995The company is named: The Wayfarers
16 September, 1995The Wayfarers investigate a haunted house.
30 September, 1995The secret of the haunted house - and a new friend - are discovered.
14 October, 1995A battle to the source of the problem.
28 October, 1995Jade's comeuppance and the return home.
11 November, 1995The romance blooms, and word from Garen is found.
25 November, 1995Bear hunting, and suspicions within the party.
6 January, 1996Jade receives a mysterious visitor.
20 January, 1996The assault on Cloud Tower.
3 February, 1996Down into the depths of the mountains.
17 February, 1996Jade finds her purpose.
3 March, 1996The Wayfarers find a haven in the midst of evil.
27 April, 1996The end is found, only to have to go back again.
11 May, 1996The party fights their way to the drow leader.
25 May, 1996The mission is finally completed.
8 June, 1996Jade is reunited with Garen.
20 July, 1996The Wayfarers go skinnydipping!
3 August, 1996The mist mystery continues.
17 August, 1996The Wayfarers join a posh club.
31 August, 1996A demon's trial shakes everyone up.
14 September, 1996Gnolls mix it up with the Wayfarers.
28 September, 1996Terror - and age! - come knocking.
12 October, 1996Bartering for years.
9 November, 1996Travel via a magic platter.
23 November, 1996The Wayfarers hunt for couatl feathers.
7 December, 1996Encountering a strange band of old adventurers.
4 January, 1997Facing gods, wizards, and dragons.
18 January, 1997Protecting a demon artifact from thieves?
1 February, 1997Taking to the High Seas.
15 February, 1997Battling underwater.
15 March, 1997The Wayfarers enjoy a carnival.
29 March, 1997A mage tries vengeance on the Wayfarers.
24 May, 1997Journey with precious cargo.
7 June, 1997Jade makes a monumental purchase.
27 June, 1997The Wayfarers play highway patrol.
5 July, 1997Taking care of the remains of an egomaniac.
16 August, 1997The party is cursed to parts unknown.
30 August, 1997Borreau and Jade: hitched at last.
13 September, 1997The Wayfarers have a territory dispute with a dragon.
8 November, 1997Exploring a haunted house.
6 December, 1997A quiet winter on the moors.
3 January, 1998Defending the homeland.
17 January, 1998Jade duels with a giant.
31 January, 1998The giants return home early - with drow help.
14 March, 1998The Wayfarers get some R&R, then get refrigerated.
28 March, 1998A plot to destroy a nation is discovered.
23 May, 1998Giant royalty meet the Wayfarers.
6 June, 1998The Wayfarers find an unexpected exit from the ice caverns.
20 June, 1998A desperate canyon charge.
18 July, 1998An audience with the king, and a rude surprise for Jade.
15 August, 1998The Fire Giants get a healthy dose of the Wayfarers.
12 September, 1998The Wayfarers learn that a fire giant queen is not a pretty sight.
26 September, 1998A small herd of drow prisoners gain their freedom.
7 November, 1998Jade fights her nemesis and meets her goddess.
21 November, 1998The dragon! The dragon!
16 January, 1999The Wayfarers find an old "friend"... and make new ones.
27 February, 1999Hunting a golem-maker.
27 March, 1999The Wayfarers square off against an angry demon.
27 March, 1999Endgame: In which we find out how it all turns out.


In December '96, Kent treated us with a supplement to the Jade Letters: a letter to home from Verence. It was written in a fitful attempt to escape finals, and provides some great reading. Check it out!

The Wayfarers The Wayfarers' sigil. We know where we're going - really!

The Jade Letters are finished, long live the Jade Letters
In March, we decided that we had gone as far with this group of characters as we wanted; we were ready to move on to new things. So the Jade Letters are now finished, and the "Endgame" notes at the very end was our collaborative effort to decide how everybody ended up. As you can see, we're a sucker for happy endings.

My thanks to the people who have told me that they've enjoyed reading the Jade Letters here. I'm going to leave these online; I'm very happy with the story we made. And I'll continue to share any feedback our group gets, so feel free to write with any questions or comments. The Jade Letters may be done, but the group that created them is still around.

Our continuing adventures!
Our gaming group's adventures continue: we have created a new party of characters and Kent (formerly of Verence fame) is the new log-meister. He's writing the logs as the journal entries of his oh-so-eager adventuring chracter. Check out Penninan Graymantle's journal to see what we're up to these days.

Jim has put the logs he wrote for our last set of adventures, before Jade and her friends came along, onto the web. Check out The Company of the Keg's adventures for a slightly more rowdy group than the poor befuddled Wayfarers.

I'd love feedback on the Jade Letters! Have a question you want me to ask one of the players? Want Leitzel to give you salacious tidbits on what's next for our intrepid crew? Just let me know!

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